The region around Plombieres, a beautiful setting 

The municipality of Plombieres consist of the villages Plombieres, Montzen, Sippenaeken, Gemmenich, Hombourg and Moresnet and belongs to the “Pay de Herve”.

In Sippenaeken, you can find the castle Beusdael with is canals. In the village of Gemmenich is the Saint Hubertus church. The 50  high Boudewijntower is a landmark on the “Drielandenpunt”. The American military graveyard at Hombourg, situated on a hill, gives you a wonderful panoramic view. The rural villages, the woods, the hills and the panoramic views are excellent for walks or cycling tours. The river Geul flows alongside Sippenaeken and through Moresnet, you can enjoy the diversity of the flora and fauna.

You should not miss it.